Climate Hero Game

A game to raise awareness on the small actions we can take in our everyday lives to reduce our climate and environmental impact.


Create a game for youth that will provide a deeper understanding of the key topics through first-hand experience and experimentation.

Learning objectives

Learn about the reasons and different aspects of climate change, as well as possible solutions.


Inside each deck of cards, is inspiration on how you can help combat climate change with simple actions that have a big impact. Grow your own food, reconnect with nature or become an activist. There is something for every type of Climate Hero. Complete each action and share the challenge with someone else.


A Sud, Ecologia e Cooperazione Onlus (Italy)
DOOR – Drustvo Za Oblikovanje Odrzivog Razvoja (Croatia)
Navdanya International Onlus (Italy)
Environmental Association “Za Zemiata” (Bulgaria)


The project is financed by Erasmus+ Program of the European Union with support of ANG – Agenzia Nazionale Giovani.