Co-creative design project with elementary school students from Kildegårdsskolen in Herlev.


Create a 2 week workshop program in which students of 7th and 9th grades will co-create interactive digital installations for the new learning and meeting place.

Learning objectives

Provide with a meaningful context to learn 21st century skills (specifically digital literacy) and enable emergence of ownership of the new place.


The co-creative learning process was designed in collaboration with Rosan Bosch studio. The process was based on direct involvement of the students in the whole development of the new learning and meeting place, from initial brainstorming to actual building. Students were divided in 3 tracks, one of which was focused on interactive digital installations that we worked with.

The whole project was divided in two 1 week camps. During Camp 1 students learnt ideation, prototyping and testing design methods. They also acquired engineering and programming skills needed to work with Arduino. In Camp 2 students utilised their skills in building interactive digital projects they came up with.

Read the report in Danish here.

Herlev Bibliotek, 2016