A series of games and learning material for
the Pixelade exhibition in Nikolaj Kunsthal.


Design a series of physical games for the Pixelade exhibition created by Malene Bang and Katja Løgstrup-Hansen and collaborate with the gallery to create a learning material accompanying the exhibition.

Learning objectives

Communicate game design methods to students of elementary schools and provide with practical exercises to train given skills.


We created a physical card set that the visitors could use at the exhibition. Each card contained rules for one game that was specifically designed for a specific area of the Pixelade exhibition. The design contained puzzle games, social games and purely physical games which allowed for a broad range of age groups to enjoy the experiences.
The consulting on learning material was based on a game design workshop for Nikolaj Kunsthal employees. The educational part on game design was then developed together with the gallery and used for school visits.


Read more about the project here.

Nikolaj Kunsthal, Denmark 2014